Frequently asked questions

What is the flour mix you use?

We use Proprietary high fiber multigrain gluten free flour mixed in house for our cookies.

Is your gluten free flour certified?

Yes. Our flour is certified gluten free. For details refer the file below. Good_Choice_Flour_Report.pdf

Are your products gluten free certified?

Yes. All our products are certified gluten free. To access Lab Reports refer files below. Good_Choice_Cookies_Report_2019.pdf Good_Choice_Cookies_Report_2020.pdf

Do you have any cookies low in sugar?

Yes. Our Savoury Cookies & Matcha Macadamia Cookies contain traces of natural raw sugar.

Do you use extra sugar in Damask Rose Button Cookies?


What type of Saffron is used in Saffron Button Cookies?

We use certified grade 1 organic Kashmir Saffron.

How do you use Pili nuts?

Activated, deskinned Pili nuts are used which increases the nutrition levels of the Pili nuts.

Are the Ube Cookies purple in color naturally?

Yes. We use organic Ube for our Ube Cookies.

Do you have any Vegan product?

Yes. Our Sandwich Cookies are Vegan.

Do you ship overseas?

No. Currently we don't have overseas shipping facility. At present we ship to selected metro cities.

How can I track my order?

Once the order is successfully placed confirmation mail will be sent to the registered email id. After the order is dispatched the tracking number will be sent to the registered email id.

Is Symphony & Moments Collections different?

Yes. The product labels of Symphony & Moments are different. Also the Symphony Chocolate Chip Cookies are eggless. However rest of the products are same.

Do you have any eggless cookies?

Both our Symphony Vegan Sandwich Cookies & Chocolate Chip Cookies are eggless.